Most (if not all) of my blog entries and newsletters are written in Dutch. This page will provide the English reader with some information about me and my work.

About me

I am Christian Berkman, born on March 11, 1989 in the wonderful city of Delft in the small, but fine country of The Netherlands. (Also known as Holland, check this video for the details). In 2008 I traveled to Noah’s Ark for the first time for a three week mission trip. In 2009 I helped organize a mission trip to Haïti. After high school I studied Applied Physics and after receiving my bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2011 I volunteered at Noah’s Ark for four-and-a-half months.

During that time I fell in love with Uganda, the children and Noah’s Ark. To promote Noah’s Ark I created “The Noah’s Ark Times”, a 16-page, full-color newspaper. Since than we printed three editions and I am currently working on a fourth.

After I came back I had the growing feeling that I had a more permanent place at Noah’s Ark. In August of 2013 I moved there for what I knew would be at least one year. That was many years ago. I found my place.

Mission and Vision

Showing God’s love to vulnerable children at Noah’s Ark in Uganda

For more about my mission and vision, see this PDF-file (English).

Katie and Patricia

I started “alone” in 2013 but here is a brief history on how that changed.

2014 – I had a neighbor named Katie.
2015 – I had a girlfriend named Katie.
2016 – I had a fiance named Katie.
2017 – I had a wife named Katie.
2018 – I had a pregnant wife named Katie.
2019 – I had a daughter named Patricia.

That sums it up quite nicely.